What makes Liquid Promotions stand out above other Water Bottling Companies?

  • Customer Service – Liquid Promotions was founded on the principles that all companies cherish like providing a high level of Customer Service, offering high quality private label water and creating an environment that earns the trust of the client.
  • Two Types of High Quality Drinking Water – We offer refreshing Natural Spring Water from a protected source in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to the offices and events throughout Atlanta as well as the rest of the country.   This water goes through Mother Nature’s own slow filtering process as it flows through rock formations, sand and surfaces in a Natural Spring.  The result is refreshing crisp tasting water with a TDS of 17 parts per million and one of the purest spring water sources in the United States.
  • We also offer Purified Water. If cool crisp tasting water is what you like then our popular Purified Drinking Water may be the ticket.  Our drinking water goes through a 10 stage purification and filtration process.  This process creates a perfect pure tasting drinking water.
  • Product Quality – As water is our only business, we at Liquid Promotions make quality our number one priority! We maintain the highest standards with protected sources, rigorous purification processes, reliable sanitization, testing procedures, and strict quality control measures. All water production is governed by the FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Other Water Bottling Companies will not offer the product quality that Liquid Promotions offers!
  • Affordable – Our labels are very affordable with a variety of bottle sizes. Order now and get $40 off on label setup!
  • Eco-Friendly – While we’re headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we service the Southeast and the rest of the country, but Liquid Promotions is dedicated to being environmentally responsible and uses PET bottles that are 100% recyclable.  Additionally our caps are 100% recyclable.  Our bottles are produced in part with post consumer plastics.
  • The Look Our labels can create the illusion that the logo has been printed directly on the bottle and creates a classy modern look. There are unlimited colors and works great with high quality photos. Our labels can also make an image visible through the water which makes a great affect.  Images are used opposite the image seen through the bottle to create a layered or 3D effect. They are perfect for an organization that wants to be unique.
  • Available Anywhere! While we’re proud to be located in Atlanta, Georgia, it doesn’t matter if your business is in Macon, Savannah, Valdosta or anywhere in the country! Tampa, Birmingham, Charlotte, Houston where ever you are, we can ship right to your front door.
  • Learn more about the advantages of Liquid Promotion bottled water vs tap.

Search and compare against other Water Bottling Companies! We believe you will be a Liquid Promotions satisfied customer!

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